rim protector rim ringz pack

We took our packaging to a new direction. Our consumers focus on details. This is why we dedicated time and resources to this design update, making sure every single element was taken into consideration. It is improved in all aspects: Better performance, appealing, practical, yet protective and more lightweight.

We are pleased to announce that famous Italian company Lampa, a leader in the sale and distribution of car tuning and accessories for DIY maintenance ( brand Pilot), spare parts for cars, trucks, motorcycles and cycle, include Rim Ringz™ in their product range. From now, you can purchase Rim Ringz™ trough Lampa dealer network in Italy, and all around the world.


Rim Ringz™ is a product patented in USA (and in other countries), meaning an exclusive right is granted for an invention, which in general is a new way of doing something, or a new technical solution to a problem.

New dealer place in Ireland

Dear freinds and fans, We are happy that we can inform you about growing our dealer networks, and opening new dealer place in Ireland after high consumer interests. Also we would like to inform you that we are fast growing and that you can expect our products-dealers near you any time now. Our online shop for EU market will be lounched by the end of the year. Thank you all for being with us, Rim Ringz™

Ireland – Eurosonics Ltd.