A professional or you?

You can absolutely install it on your own. Just follow our simple instructions. Naturally, if you feel like you cannot do it on your own or for any reason you prefer someone else do it for you, you can always go to your nearest tire store and have them install it for you (prices will vary according to their ongoing rates). You can also find a list of Rim Ringz™ authorized install professionals on our web site Alternatively, if you can go to any car specialist and they can install Rim Ringz™ for you.

Items for Rim Ringz™ installation

Except a jack and an air compressor, you do not need any other tool (hammer, pliers, screwdriver, etc.) for installation. In certain rare cases, you will find easier to install Rim Ringz™ with our tools (Rim Ringz™ Tool 1 and Rim Ringz™ Tool 2). If you don’t have an air compressor, the good news is that you can find it at almost any gas station in the USA.


Rim Ringz™ Tools (RRT1 & RRT2)

The tools will only make it easier to install Rim Ringz™ in certain cases ("run flat" tires, low profile tires) and to remove Rim Ringz™ off your rims.

Some tips for easy installation

You could also put a little bit of soap on the hooks to make them slide easily into the area between the tire and the rim. Make sure you do not put excessive amount of soap, otherwise simply rinse with water once the Rim Ringz™ are mounted and the air pressure is back in the tires.

Tire pressure and Rim Ringz™

If the air pressure in your tires is not very different than the recommended pressure, Rim Ringz™ will be firmly attached to the rim and tire. If the tires were to lose a lot or air, Rim Ringz™ could fall off the rim. We recommend that you always keep the pressure in your tires at the factory suggested recommended pressure.

Rebalancing and outside balancing weight

The wheel retains the balance it had before you installed Rim Ringz™, unless you need to use a "stick-on" weight to replace the weight on the edge of the wheel. If your wheel has a balancing weight that is clipped on the outside edge of the rim, you will need to remove it so that the Rim Ringz™ can be properly attached. Either re-attach the weight to the opposite side of the rim’s edge or use a "stick-on" type weight.

Installation on “low profile” or “run flat” tires

In these cases, you will find useful our special tools (Rim Ringz™ Tool 1 and Rim Ringz™ Tool 2) for the installation.


Do not try to install Rim Ringz™ at the same time when you mount the tire onto the rim. You should never do this, because Rim Ringz™ could spring off the rim and potentially cause damage. Rim Ringz™ should only be installed when the tire is mounted onto the rim and is inflated. Only then you can do the installation process according to Rim Ringz™ instructions.