General Questions

Depending on what color of Rim Ringz™ you choose, the overall impression or visual effect will be that the wheel would seems bigger and that it would match with the car. Rim Ringz™ can also cover damage on the edges of your rim.

Currently, Rolla offers the following sizes:

  • 15"
  • 16"
  • 17"
  • 18"
  • 19"
  • 20

We currently offer the following colors:

  • Power Silver
  • Race Red
  • Black Ice
  • Sonic White
  • Sunburst Yellow
  • Irish Green
  • Midnight Blue
  • Eldorado Gold
  • Dutch Orange

Rim Ringz™ covers an area up to approximately 1/4inch (0.28”) or 7 mm

Rim Ringz™ will not fall of you drive fast, as long as it is properly mounted and as you have the recommended air pressure in your tires, and if the tires are in accordance with the rim size.

Rim Ringz™ cover all types of winter, summer, low profile, standard, high profile and run-flat tires.

Rim Ringz™ are made of quality material and are resistant to most weather conditions.

In these cases, you will find our special tools useful (Rim Ringz™ Tool 2 and Rim Ringz™ Tool 2) for the installation.

You can purchase a single Rim Ringz™ ring. You don’t have to buy the whole set.

No. Rim Ringz™ are made from quality plastic, and they will not damage your wheel. However, we recommend that when you wash your car you also wash the area between Rim Ringz™ and the wheel so that there is no dirt there. This dirt could damage your rims. Also, you can affix a transparent tape around the edge of the rim. Clean the edge first. For best results, affix the tape at 65F and change the tape every 6 months.

No. The wheel retains the balance it had before you installed Rim Ringz™, unless you need to use a “stick-on” weight to replace the weight on the edge of the wheel.

Yes. Because each size set is made to perfectly fit each size of the wheel, Rim Ringz™ will perfectly fit your wheel. You just need to purchase the correct size of Rim Ringz™ that matches your wheel size.

Installation, Removing Rim Ringz™, Tools

You can absolutely install it on your own. Just follow our simple instructions. Naturally, if you feel like you cannot do it on your own or for any reason you prefer someone else do it for you, you can always go to your nearest tire store and have them install it for you (prices will vary according to their ongoing rates).

It’s extremely easy to install Rim Ringz™. You probably need 2-5 minutes per wheel, depending on the size and type of wheels.

Rim Ringz™ installs in just 4 easy steps!

  1. Jack up one tire at a time
  2. Release the air from the tire
  3. Align and snap-on a Rim Ringz™ ring
  4. Re-inflate the tire to the recommended pressure

Here are the more detailed instructions:

  • Follow the instructions that accompany your jack and lift one tire of your car with the jack.
  • Release all air from the tire.
  • Align the Rim Ringz™ with the edge of the rim, push the tire back with your fingers and press the hooks over the edge of the rim. The individual hooks of the Rim Ringz™ should all snap over the wheel edge. Be certain that all Rim Ringz™ hooks are uniformly affixed.
  • Re-inflate the tire to the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure.
  • Return the car to ground level and repeat the procedure for each remaining wheel.

NOTE: Do not use a hammer on the Rim Ringz™ product. For best experience, use our tools: Rim Ringz™ Tool 2 or Rim Ringz™ Tool 2. The pressure of your hands should be sufficient to snap the hooks of the Rim Ringz™ onto the rim.

To install, you will need:

  • Car Jack
  • Air Compressor
  • (in some cases our tools 1 and 2)

If you don’t have an air compressor, the good news is that you can find it at almost any gas station in the USA. Alternatively, if you can go to any car specialist and they will install Rim Ringz™ for you.

No. You should not do this, because Rim Ringz™ could spring off the rim and potentially cause damage. Rim Ringz™ should be only installed when the tire is mounted onto the rim and is inflated. Only then you can do the installation process according to Rim Ringz™ instructions. The air should be released and then Rim Ringz™ should be installed.

No. The tools will only make it easier to install Rim Ringz™ in certain cases (“run flat” tires, low profile tires) and to remove Rim Ringz™ off your rims.

Except a jack and an air compressor, you do not need any other tools (hammer, pliers, screwdriver, etc.) for installation. In certain rare cases, you will find easier to install Rim Ringz™ with our tools (Rim Ringz™ Tool 2 and Rim Ringz™ Tool 2).

You could also put a little bit of soap on the hooks to make them slide easily into the area between the tire and the rim. Make sure you do not put excessive amount of soap, otherwise simply rinse with water once the Rim Ringz™ are mounted and the air pressure is back in the tires. Do not use oil, grease, silicone or similar products, as they tend to stay greasy for a long period of time. Rim Ringz™ could fall off the rim in this case.

You can remove the rings by doing a very similar process as with the mounting: jack up your car, release the air from the tire and then start to pull out the hooks one by one, partially. Make sure you do not forcefully pull out all the rings at the same time.

Pull out 50% of one hook, then move to the next one, and pull that one out 50%. Continue until you have pulled out all the hooks by 50%. So, pull the hooks one by one, little by little, and only when the last one is pulled out 50% of the way - remove the hooks all the way, again one by one.

If you are using Rim Ringz™ Tool 1 (RRT1), place this tool between the rim and the hook, and then gently pull out the hook. If you are using Rim Ringz™ Tool 2 (RRT2), then this tool should be positioned from the inside of the ring, between the rim and the hooks, and the rings gently pulled out.

Rim Ringz™- About Tires & Rims

Rim Ringz™ come in six sizes (15” - 20”) and therefore are engineered specifically to your rim size, but is some rare cases and some models, certain deviations can occur. Rim Ringz™ are designed for “J” type of rims, which are the most common. Rim Ringz™ will fit other types of rims, but certain minimal deviations may occur.

The tire dimensions (size) must be in accordance with the rim size. Please click on the link for appropriate rim size and your proper tires. Or you can find List of proper wheel and tire sizes in each package of RimRngz™.Also, for more information about tires, wheels and the aspect ratio, please go to our page that explains this in detail Tire too wide or too narrow.

If your tire is narrower than the rim, Rim Ringz™ will not fit properly, and it could fall off the rim. Also, if your tire is wider than the recommended size for your particular rim, the tire could lose some air. Any deviation from the recommended size for your particular rim can have a negative impact on Rim Ringz™ and it could fall off the rim.

According to Rolla’s research, the most common problem are narrow tires.

Problems & Solutions

To fix this, remove Rim Ringz by proper suggested procedure and don’t put hooks on the same place in tire as before. Still if a tire is loosing the air, you will need to go to your tire specialist to install your tire correctly. Once the tire is installed correctly, then you can install Rim Ringz™ again.

Old tires and low-quality tires made from a lot of plastic can cause deformities in places where the hooks should be located. Because these tires are rigid, the air from the tires may be released when you install Rim Ringz™.

If the air pressure in your tires is not very different than the recommended pressure, Rim Ringz™ will be firmly attached to the rim and tire. If the tires were to lose a lot or air, Rim Ringz™ could fall off the rim. We recommend that you always keep the pressure in your tires at the factory suggested recommended pressure.

You could be experiencing one of the following:

  1. Improper installation
  2. In this case, you might need to repeat the installation procedure from the beginning. (You also might need to get one of our special tools.)
  3. Tire model that pushes Rim Ringz™ out
  4. In some very rare cases, Rim Ringz™ will just look like it does not fit all the way, although it seems to be installed correctly.
  5. If you try to pull it with your fingers from the rim and you can’t – then it will not fall off while driving.
  6. Narrow tire
  7. In this case Rim Ringz™ might fall off. Check if your tires are in accordance with the recommended size for your rims.
  8. Outside balancing weight
  9. You will have to replace it with the type of balancing weight that sticks to the inside of your rim.

This means that the tire did not sit correctly over the Rim Ringz™ hooks. It means that the hook didn’t let the tire fit perfectly onto its normal position. In this case, re-install Rim Ringz™: Jack up your car, release the air from the tire, push the tire maximally inwards (in places where you saw the dents earlier), while pushing Rim Ringz™ towards the rim, so that when you release the pressure the tire goes over the hooks.

Alternatively, use our tool (Rim Ringz™ Tool 2) and insert it between the tire and the rim (in places where you saw the dents earlier), pull it upwards while pushing Rim Ringz™ towards the rim. When you pull out the tool, the tire should fit nicely over the teeth on the hooks and it should not push it inwards.

If your wheel has a balancing weight that is clipped on the outside edge of the rim, you will need to remove it so that the Rim Ringz™ can be properly attached. Either re-attach the weight to the opposite side of the rim’s edge or use a "stick-on" type weight.

Warranty, Care, Car Wash

Yes. Rolla offers a one year warranty on the Rim Ringz™ product. When properly installed and used in normal driving conditions, Rim Ringz™ will help prevent and/or reduce damage to the edges of your car's alloy wheels caused by scraping against curbs while parking. Although our products carry a full money-back guarantee, Rolla provides NO guarantee against damage caused to wheels by collision with a curb or any other object.

No. Because Rim Ringz™ are made of quality materials it also has UV protection and it will not change color.

No. Rim Ringz™ are made to resist any effect of salt.

Wash Rim Ringz™ with normal car soap. Rim Ringz™ are made from special, high quality plastic. You should avoid using cleaning substances containing acids because they may discolor Rim Ringz™.

For best results, use only the cleaning agents from reputable manufacturers. Those cleaning agents are made for car rims, and they will be perfectly suitable for Rim Ringz™. When you wash your car, you can also wash, with water, the area between the rim and Rim Ringz™, so that the small pieces of dirt would get out from this area.

No. As long as it is mounted properly and the tire dimensions are set in accordance with the rim size.

If you are not completely satisfied, you can return the product for any reason as long as the return is packaged and shipped in the original packaging, the product is still in new condition, and you ship the product within 30 days of receipt of the original shipment.


Absolutely. Please keep visiting our website for new products. We promise we will keep bringing more cool products in the near future.


We are planning to release new colors and new models.