Used for low-profile and “run flat” tires!

Rim Ringz™ Tool 2 (RRT2) is a second special tool for the Rim Ringz™ product. It is used for low-profile and “run flat” tires, is made from high quality plastic, is elastic and is made to help you install and remove Rim Ringz™ correctly and effortlessly.

Rim Ringz™ Tool 2 is used to slide the hooks into the area between the rim and the tire and also used to remove the rings off the rims, so that they do not break if incorrectly removed.


It is very simple to use the tool. Once the air is released from the tire, the hooks should be positioned half-way between the tire and the rim (PHOTO 1), and then, the teeth on the hooks should be pushed using the flat side of the tool inwards towards the rim (PHOTO 2 | PHOTO 3).


Removing Rim Ringz™ Using Rim Ringz™ Tool 2

rr-tool-2The other side of the tool (the “angled” side) (PHOTO 1) is used to remove the rings “from” the rims. The tool should be positioned from the inside of the ring, between the ring  and the rim and pulled back with slow gentle movements.
Push the tool towards the wheel to partially remove the the ring from the rim. Make sure that each hook is pulled no more than 50% from the tire, so that the ring does not break (PHOTO 2 | PHOTO 3) . 

Pull the hooks one by one, little by little, and only when the last one is pulled out that way, remove the rest all the way, again one by one. The tool is made of high quality plastic and will not damage the rim.