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New Colors Comming Soon!

Rim Ringz™ introduced two new invigorating colors – El Dorado Gold and Dutch Orange.

El Dorado Gold Rim Ringz™, as the color associated with illumination, courage, passion, magic and wisdom is difficult to resist, as it will ensure sparkle, glitz and glamour for your wheels. 
Dutch Orange Rim Ringz™ radiates joy, heat, enthusiasm, creativity, success and defines you as warm, optimistic and creative person.
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We took our packaging to a new direction. Our consumers focus on details. This is why we dedicated time and resources to this design update, making sure every single element was taken into consideration. It is improved in all aspects: Better performance, appealing, practical, yet protective and more lightweight.

Hello Middle East. Great news for all our customers in UAE. Now you can find our products directly on your market. To maximize the look of car and wheels performance, check your local automotive stores, car wash services, tire specialist, car and wheel dealers for your personal Rim Ringz set.

New distributor for Thailand


We are proud to welcome Beller (Thailand) Co.,Ltd to the growing dealer list of Rim Ringz. They are officially opening in October as our representative for Thailand and Asia and you will be able to order Rim Ringz directly from them, online! Proudly, from USA to Thailand and throughout Asia!

More about Beller Co.,Ltd find out here – Dealers